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You can check your FESCO bill here if you did not receive it. You may quickly examine your Fesco online bill on our free website. Here, you may view the entire bill as well as the most recent bill's total and due date. To pay your FESCO WAPDA bill, you can either download a copy of it or print it out. Thus, to view your Fesco electricity bill, enter your 14-digit reference number below:


For a household, business, or industrial electricity connection, you can check the Fesco e-bill. You only need to enter the 14-digit reference number in the input area above to receive your Fesco bill online. To find the Fesco reference number, see the illustration below:

To view a Fesco Wapda bill, insert the reference number. Bill history allows you to see whether or not a particular bill has been paid. Before receiving the bill copy, you can verify your previous month's bill. If you misplaced the original copy, you can also download a duplicate bill from FESCO. Whether you have a Smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, you may use this website to check your Fesco duplicate bill because it is accessible from anywhere and is compatible with all of them.


Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is known as FESCO. Over 4.01 million people receive electricity from FESCO. Almost 26 million people live in the Fesco territory, according to estimates. Because of the extremely low amount of loss in its power distribution system and the greater rate of bill collection, FESCO is one of the top energy distribution companies in Pakistan in terms of operational performance. Faisalabad, which is known as Manchester of Pakistan for its huge textile industries, serves as its primary service region.


These are the areas that FESCO services:

Coverage Regions

In the following areas, FESCO is in charge of providing and maintaining electricity services:

You can obtain your fesco wapda bill here if you dwell in any of the cities on this list or any other hamlet or town that is under the control of these districts.

How to check your FESCO electric bill online:

1. Go to the website for Fesco online billing.

2. Type in the input field the reference number for your bill.

3. To view the most recent bill amount and due date, click the "Check Bill" option.

4. To view the entire bill and save or print it, click "View Entire Bill."

Using this website to verify your most recent is quite convenient. You can search it up in the old bill history if you're looking for your older bill. Get your most recent Fesco bill by simply entering your reference number above.

FESCO Payment of Bills

Following receipt of your FESCO electricity bill, you have two options for payment: online or offline. The details are as follows:

• Offline Payment: All branches of commercial banks and post offices accept payments for FESCO utility bills. The bill must be printed out to make an offline payment.

• Internet Bill Payment: Any bank accepts online bill payments. You can download the bank app and pay your bills conveniently after receiving the necessary information about Internet banking from your bank branch. You can use EasyPaisa or JazzCash to pay your FESCO bijli bill in addition to your bank accounts.

If you're looking for a helpline number in your neighborhood or for a certain department, please consult the Fesco phone book. Call the helpline at any time if you have a concern or an emergency.

• FAQs

• How can I get a copy of my Fesco bill (bill check karne ka tarika)?

• By entering the bill reference number, you can check your mepcobillcheck.com online Fesco bill.

Can I check fesco bijli bill by meter number or cnic?

The only way to verify your Fesco bijli bill is by reference number; you cannot check it by meter number or CNIC.

How can I change my name on my FESCO Wapda bill? • Go to the nearest office to submit your name change application. The name change procedure is the same as for a new connection.

What does FPA mean in the Fesco electric bill?

• Fuel Price Adjustment is a term. This method adjusts power rates based on changes in fuel prices. The FPA price is included in the cost of fuel for rental power firms that produce electricity from crude oil and other sources.

What does the Fesco utility bill PM Relief?

• It is a relief or discount offered by the Pakistani government or the Prime Minister of Pakistan (GOP).

You may determine the projected amount of your Fesco electricity bill here.

Can I look up my FESCO Faisalabad bill using the meter number?

• No, you can't check it by the address, name, meter number, or CNIC number. To obtain a duplicate Fesco wapda bill at this time, you must have a reference number. If not, you can visit the customer care office in your area and request your bill using your CNIC number or any other relevant documentation.

Can I pay my Fesco utility bill in installments? 

Your current bill is not eligible for installments, but if you have past-due amounts (arrears) on your account, you can get installments for those, albeit you'll have to pay interest at the current bank rates. While many discos have the nearly same approach for bill installments.

How can I make a bill correction application?

You can go to the customer service center and argue your case if you believe your bill's total is inaccurate.