iesco bill  is a free website that makes it simple to check for duplicate IESCO bills. You can examine your most recent electricity bill (bijli bill) here, along with details on older bills, the consumer's identity, and other bill-related information.


You can search your account by reference number and then download or print a copy of it for free if you wish to check your IESCO bill online for your home, office, or business. The only website that allows you to save your reference numbers and subsequently view your most recent bills with a simple click each month is

Please read the section below on Reference Number if you are unsure of where to find it. You can read the steps to check the IESCO bill for more information on how to check your electricity bill.

Customers of IESCO can generate and download their electronic bill, whether it is their first bill or the most recent bill for an older meter connection. Customers from Attok to Jhelum, with the majority of customers hailing from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, can access their bill information by entering a 14-digit reference number and also learn about their registration history, bill status, bill slabs, and other information. Hence, enter the reference number above to look for duplicate IESCO bills. You may also check the billing history to see whether or not your previous bill has been paid.


A division of WAPDA is the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO). It was established in 1998 to manage the obligations and duties of the Islamabad region. The area receives energy from IESCO from Attock to Jhelum. You have come to the right place if you are an IESCO subscriber seeking a duplicate online bill.

You can view your bill online, reprint it, and obtain a duplicate copy of it in an image or PDF format using our online duplicate bill service. By entering each meter reference number, you can view one or more bills. One of the greatest websites for checking your electric utility (roshni) bill fast and easily is IESCOBILL.PK.

Although has a better user experience and supports all mobile devices, you may still get your bill from www.IESCO com pk. Hence, to retrieve your bill for April 2023 or the month before, March 2023, enter your 14-digit reference number above.

Advice for lowering the IESCO bill

Let's quickly review the number of units that your everyday appliances use and discuss how you might lower your power bill by turning off superfluous items. The following is a list of goods along with an estimate of how much electricity they would need if used for 24 hours:

• Fan: An 80W fan typically uses 4 units of power each day.

TV uses about three units per day.

• One to two units are used daily by a 24W energy saver.

• If a one-ton air conditioner runs continuously for 24 hours, it will use about 18 units.

• Depending on the size and age of the appliance, a refrigerator uses about 4-6 units.

Hence, you must pay attention to how many appliances are being used at once if you want to lower the amount of your power cost. Here are some suggestions for lowering your electricity bill:

1. Turn off any inefficient appliances.

2. Try to get by with four or even fewer energy savers rather than turning on five.

3. When possible, use natural light to illuminate your spaces rather than electric lighting.

4. Avoid using AC units at busy times.

5. Set your AC units to 26 degrees.

6. Maintain proper ventilation in your rooms to use less air conditioning.

Recognizing the IESCO Bill

The bill contains some parameters, some of which we have listed here.

Connection Date: This is the day you first signed up for an electrical connection in the IESCO database.

Reference: This is the crucial section. This reference number, which is identical to your account number, serves as the main means of identifying your bill. By supplying this reference number, you can obtain a duplicate copy of your bill, pay your bill on behalf of it, etc.


Dates: The reading date, issue date, and due date are all located in the upper right corner of your bill. These dates indicate when the agent recorded your meter reading, when the bill was sent, and the deadline for payment.

FPA: Many people wonder what the FPA on their electricity bill means. Fuel Price Adjustment is referred to as FPA. This system uses changes in fuel prices to modify power rates. The FPA price is included in the cost of fuel for rental power firms that produce electricity from crude oil and other sources.

Surcharge for TR

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge is known as T.R. According to the amended criteria, NEPRA will decide on a unified tariff, which the government would then tell all distribution companies about. This is the distinction between GOP and NEPRA tariffs. If the difference is positive, the GOP will pay it as a "Subsidy." The Distribution Company will, however, pay the GOP as an "Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR)" in the event of a negative difference.

Financing Cost: FC stands for FC Surcharge. To secure the collection of debt servicing for Power Holding Private Limited, it was initially determined that the financing cost surcharge would be 43 paisa per unit.

Time of Bill:

You can get your bill on a different day of the month depending on your area. Nevertheless, you may view the history of your bills to find out when they were issued, when they were read, and when they were due.

IESCO Organization

IESCO is organized into 4 circles, 19 divisions, and 104 subdivisions to maintain an uninterrupted electric supply and customer satisfaction. While Executive Engineers oversee Divisions, Superintending Engineers (SEs) are in charge of Circles (XENs). A Customer Services Officer, or CSO, oversees customer service for each division, which is administered by Sub Divisional Officers (SDOs).

In the administrative districts of Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Attock, Jhelum, and Federal Capital Islamabad, the company is in charge of the electrical distribution network.

Strictly speaking, IESCO is made up of 108 Grid Stations with a combined 5,224 MVA capacity, and it distributes the power through 951 Feeders, including AJK.

Divided into circles:

Muslim Circle

Barakahu Division Rawalpindi Circle Islamabad Division 1 Islamabad Division 2

Attock Circle, Taxila Division, Pindigheb Division, Rawat Division, City Division, Cantt Division (Rawalpindi), Satellite Town Division, Westridge Division, Tariqabad Division, Jhelum Circle, Jhelum Division 1, Jhelum Division 2, Gujar Khan Division, Chakwal Circle, Chakwal Division, Talagang Division, Dhudial Division, Pind Dadan Khan Division

How to reach IESCO (Complaints & Helpline)

If you have complaints, you can go to the IESCO Head Office's billing complaint resolution desk at Street # 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad. You can report your complaints by going to that address. Also, you can email the IESCO CEO personally with your complaint at

The IESCO customer service hotline is 051-925-2937.


How do I check my IESCO bill online?

At, you can check your IESCO online bill by providing a 14-digit reference number.

How can you figure out an IESCO estimate bill?

Entering the number of consumed units will allow you to calculate the IESCO electricity bill for your household connection.

Am I able to check my bill by meter number?

Customers of IESCO may only check their bills using the 14-digit reference number and not the meter number.

Is it possible to examine my IESO bill by name or address?

We apologize, but you can only verify your bill using the reference number and not by name or address. You can view your bill here if you have a reference number with 14 digits.

How can I get my last month's bill?

A duplicate of your previous month's bill is available here if you missed receiving it.

What is the residential connection unit rate for IESCO?

The prices for IESCO's residential apartments are available here.

What times are IESCO peak?

The peak hours are from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and IESCO has asked its customers to attempt to limit their use of electricity then.

How can the customer name be changed on an IESCO electricity bill?

Similar to applying for a new connection, changing the consumer name on an IESCO bill follows the same process. You can apply a name change request by going to the IESCO office.

How do I request a new connection?

You must fill out and submit the "Application and Agreement" form, often known as the A&A form if you want a new IESCO connection.

Can I check my IESCO bill using the number on my ID card (CNIC)?

Right now, the only way to check a bill is using a 14-digit reference number.

You can get in touch with us if you have any other questions about your bill.